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Morfa Nefyn

The site is located within the development boundary of Morfa Nefyn, Llyn Peninsula. Where the famous Ty Coch Inn resides for those of you in the know. The site originally housed a chapel and sat in extensive grounds.

The client first approached us for “informal advice” as to what he could do with the site and what restrictions may be placed upon the approval such as affordable housing contribution or in some cases complete affordable housing must be provided. If the latter were the case most sites are unviable, hence why little affordable housing is built in Wales. We presented our initial findings and left it with the client.

Once the client acquired the site, it was a while before we could submit a planning application to demolish it while the church removed a tapestry and various other fixtures. The majority of the structure had very little value so no point in trying to keep it.

During this period, we started to bring a scheme together working closely with our appointed engineers regarding a drainage strategy to satisfy the new SAB (sustainable drainage body) requirements. The road layout was also reviewed by the engineer to check for compliance, in this instance we choose not to have the road adopted by Gwynedd council and keep it private for the residents.

For the scheme to work six houses were designed around the new sweeping road that entered the site. The houses were designed to make the best use of the aspect, sun and plot layout. We choose a small palette of materials, using local stone, timber cladding and white render. Balconies were provided where appropriate.

A comprehensive site plan with tree layout was provided, landscaping is often something as an afterthought, but the residential landscape and how the buildings sit in their surroundings is equally as important as the design themselves.

This project is currently in planning.

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