Quarry House // Denbighshire

Dyserth - New dwelling in disused quarry

The old quarry included a large, relatively level, open space which rose steeply around the quarry sides (with the rock face clearly visible). Against the rock face were large concrete structures which were left over from when the quarry was in use. Rather than simply building on the level areas JAR Architecture developed a concept design where the family home would be built into the rock face and utilise the existing concrete as the building’s foundations.

Quarry House, North Wales Architect

We are very proud of our design and believe that it exemplifies the philosophy of organic architecture: the harmonious union of art and nature.

The main dwelling house is nestled into the hill slope, allowing the building to expand into four distinctive storeys. Stonework and timber cladding will be used on the external elevations, with glazing and glass balcony balustrades. The window and door frames will be painted aluminium in a dark grey and the roof elements are a mix of metal seamed and grass roof. The materials chosen are intended to complement the colours of the surrounding landscape and reflect the reverence for the natural world.

Internally, the house will provide for a contemporary and luxurious six bedroomed home, with state of the art heated swimming pool.

An annexe lodge will provide additional accommodation for the client’s family members. It is a single storey ‘H’ shaped building, with rood overhang, designed to relate to a typical quarry building.

The house will incorporate the latest renewable energy technologies in the form of a ground source heat pump and photovoltaic panels. It will also incorporate rainwater harvesting and is intended to meet Passivhaus standards. Wastewater will be dealt with using a Klargester treatment plant and the swimming pool will be heated with solar energy. The remainder of the quarry area is being left undeveloped to provide natural outdoor play space with improved biodiversity and natural habitats for wildlife.