JAR Architecture

Contract Administration

As part of either a partial or full service we can offer tendering and contract administration (project management) services once the design and detailed drawings are complete.

We can prepare the tender package for submission to contractors for detailed quotations which may include

Tender Action

  • Preparation of detailed documents required for tendering purposes
  • Advise on builders to be invited to tender for the work.
  • Invite, appraise and report on tenders received.Once the builder is selected we can provide the following services.
  • Advice on the appointment of the builder.
  • Prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed.
  • Provide the builder with the information required for construction.
  • Visit the site to see that the work is proceeding generally in accordance with the contract
  • Certified payments for work carried out and completed.
  • Advice on anticipated final cost.

Following successful completion of the works

  • Make final inspections and arrange for any correction of any defects
  • Review and advise on the appropriate settlement of the final account and issue final certificate.