JAR Architecture

Permitted Development

The GPDO for Wales deals with permitted development by householders, and provides the freedom for householders to make certain improvements and alterations within the curtilage of their property without the need to make a planning application.

These types of development are normally small in scale and nature. The Permitted Development rights are divided into 8 classes of householder development as follows.

  • Development Class A – Covers the enlargement or alterations to a house such as rear or side extensions, as well as general alterations as new windows and doors
  • Development Class B – Covers additions or alterations to roofs which enlarge the house, such as loft conversions involving dormer windows.
  • Development Class C – covers other alterations to roofs such as re-roofing or the installation of roof lights.
  • Development Class D- Covers the erection of a porch outside an external door.
  • Development Class E- covers the provision of buildings and other development on land surrounding the house (the ‘curtilage’)
  • Development Class F – Covers the provision of hard surfaces on land surrounding the house such as driveways.
  • Development Class G – Covers the installation, alteration or replacement of a chimney, flue or soil and vent pipe.
  • Development Class H – Covers the installation, alteration or replacement of microwave antenna such as satellite dishes.