JAR Architecture

Planning Permission

Most new buildings or major alterations / extensions to existing buildings require planning permission and therefore a planning application will need to be made to your local planning authority.

Planning permission is normally required for:

  • New buildings
  • Extensions or alterations to existing buildings
  • Changes in the use of land or buildings (for example, converting a large house into flats or a farm building into a dwelling)
  • Engineering or other operations on land

Special permission may also be needed for:

  • Work on a listed building
  • Work within a conservation area including the demolition of a building
  • Work on a protected tree or trees within a conservation area
  • The display of advertisements
  • New agricultural buildings
  • Development restricted by an Article 4 direction or by Planning Condition

At JAR Architecture we can advise at the design stage on whether or not your proposed building works requires planning permission. The Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 1995 grants planning permission for certain types of minor developments without the need for a formal application. These are known as “permitted development rights” and generally allow small extensions and conservatories, porches, alterations to roofs and the erection of outbuildings / garages in rear gardens to single houses. However, in some exceptional cases, these allowances are removed to protect an area’s character or amenity.

You can trust JAR Architecture to keep you fully informed of all the steps of the planning process.

Require Planning Permission

Should planning permission be required then, once the concept design has been agreed, we will develop the design drawings into a full set of planning drawings and make an application for Planning Approval or Permitted Development to the relevant local planning authority. If your building is listed or in a conservation area then we will also make the relevant applications.

We will also work closely with a Planning Consultant if specialist planning advice is required. We are fully aware that some projects may only be commercially viable should we get the approval of all units and we will work tirelessly to ensure we achieve this whilst respecting the design intent.